Streetwise strategies and inspiration for job searchers.

Job searching can be a nightmare!

Frustration. Uncertainty. Hey, even desperation, right? And no-one seems to be there to support you, the job hunter, to provide streetwise, straight talking guidance. Guidance that works, strategies that help you bash down doors of opportunity.

You need smart, practical ideas that help you ‘make your own magic’ – when you’re out to find a job, start a career or change employment – instead of having to rely on recruiters who mostly seem really unhelpful.

Get better, faster job search results.

The job market is a strange place where even the best job applicant isn’t guaranteed instant success. But with the experience I’ve gained, the ideas I’ve researched, I hope I can provide some positive, ‘from-the-trenches’ guidance that benefits you fast.

Ways I can Help You Immediately

“12 Breakthrough Job Search Secrets”

This is my free e-course. It’s truly a great foundation of ‘real-world’ job search advice – I figure that your job hunt is too important to fool around with stuff that doesn’t work or ‘average, common’ advice. All you do to get it is send an e-mail to 12jss [at] getresponse.com.

Along with it comes another guide: “High Impact Job Search Quick Fixes” which deals with CV, Cover Letter and Interview quick fix tactics. Send the e-mail and it’ll be delivered instantly to your ‘inbox.’

Professional CV Writing

Your CV needs to make an impact, it must get attention. And it must secure job interviews. Most CVs are nothing more than average. When I write your CV I take a strategic approach, and I apply professional copywriting techniques. I write every word myself. You get the best help possible.

Go to www.wowcv.net for more.

The Career & Success INNER CIRCLE

My online self-development members only website, where members get the very best guidance and resources on career, job search and success matters. It includes 3 core programmes:

1) Get a Job Fast, which includes Job Search FAST TRACK – DYNAMITE for Job Hunters and all corresponding resources – a powerful, step-by-step, street smart job search programme to help job hunters get immediate results in their search;

2) Break-YOU-Out, a personal discovery and achievement course; and

3) Get Ahead at Work, strategies for doing better and getting promoted.

For more see www.careerandsuccess.info