2 Things You Need to Dig Yourself Out of a Job Hunting Hole

Wanna know what 2 things you need to dig yourself out of a job hunting hole? 

First, here’s what it’s not:

  • A new CV (it can make a huge and immediate difference, but there are more important things.)
  • Another recruitment agent (you probably have tried many already.)
  • Someone generous to give you a chance. (If someone does, great! But you’re not going to bank on it.)
  • Another degree, diploma or course. (Always good to learn, but it’s probably not your ‘missing link.’)
  • The government to create new jobs. (They need to, they should. But let’s be real.)
  • A clean credit record.
  • To be a black male and a CA (SA)

Surprising, because those things come immediately to mind in the current job market. These things matter, sure. But there are more important things.


Take my son, Ethan. He’s 7. When we’re on the squash court, I’m teaching him how (limited though I am in my ability in the game). Ethan needs to know how to hold the racquet, how to stand, etc. Learning “how” is important. In anything.

And it’s true in your job hunt. There are things that work. And things that don’t work very well. Why keep doing things poorly or in an ineffective way? It’s frustrating. It’s enfuriating. It yields poor results. It takes too long.

So that’s the first way to dig yourself out of a job hunting hole. Do it right. And at this point I want you to make 100% sure you have a copy of my 100% freely available book: “12 Breakthrough Job Search Secrets – end your stalled and frustrating job search now.” It’ll tell you some ‘breakthrough’ truths about the job market, provide practical lessons and exercises, and give you a good shot of motivation. Just send a blank e-mail to 12jss@getresponse.com to get it – I’ll send it to your inbox immediately.

BUT … what about the 2nd thing you need to dig yourself out?


Aha! It’s actually the main thing. And I’m going to make you work for it. Only if you work for it, will you understand it. And it’s the very first of the 12 ‘breakthrough’ secrets in the book.

You could say, the secret revealed is a secret to life of Biblical proportions. And the associated exercises: “How to Practically Apply Secret #1” will kick your rear.

So send an e-mail to 12jss@getresponse.com and get it. Or search your e-mail / hard drive and you’ll find it from a previous occasion.

PLEASE, forward this post to anyone who you think may benefit. You are cool if you do.


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