Are You Facing Obstacles in the Job Market?

You may have credit problems. You may be on the wrong side of 50. You may be a white male in a BEE world.

You may not have a degree. You may have had 3 jobs this year already. You may have been fired or have a CCMA case pending.

These are all “obstacles” in the job market. And you can respond in one of two ways.

1) You can focus on that obstacle, look for how true it is in everything you do in your job hunt.

Someone doesn’t return a call? “Oh, it’s because of my credit record.” Don’t get response to your applications? “Oh, it’s because I’m white. This is unfair.” Don’t get a call back after an interview? “Oh, it’s because I’m over 50.” Or “Oh, it’s because I’m black and not English first language.”

Those feelings are real. And the situations feel hopeless at the time.

But … now let’s look at a proven truth:

When you have obstacles – some employers won’t hire you. And some will. Your job is to find those who will.

Those employers that will are out there. And there are many of them. In fact most businesses are small or medium sized. And they often hire less than perfect people. The hire ‘solutions’ who present themselves at the right time.

So that understanding helps us understand what “response 2” should be.

2) We can hammer hard at finding employers who will hire us.

And they are all around you. Don’t think for a minute that those companies hide behind employment agencies, job ads, or job website applications. Those companies have real people in them. People with problems. People who just need a solution.

So the best response to obstacles in the job market is to hammer hard at two things: 1) meeting people, anyone who is a decision maker in business, anyone who may be able to refer you to someone who is – even your Gran is okay!

And 2) figuring out what solution, what benefits you provide to a business – and hammering that message hard in your CV, letters, in every meeting, in every interaction, all the time.

Are you doing that? Be critical of your job search campaign: are you being overly affected by “obstacles” – responding negatively, blaming and complaining? Or are you taking what you’ve got, the good stuff, and nailing that?

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