Adding New Force to Your Networking – a Quick Idea

It’s a panicky time of year if you’re a job hunter.

Business starts winding down. Holidays loom. A quiet period for job hunting. Everyone else seems to be going on holiday. It seems like another 2 months must go by before there’s any action in your job search.

And if your main job search method is applying via agencies and job ads, you could well be in that kind of trouble. It could work, in fact it’s essential you continue searching via those channels. But you’ve got to attack the problem on new fronts, more fronts.

And that’s where most people say: “Oh, please, I’ve tried everything else.”

Here’s the thing … you haven’t. Maybe you’ve “tried”. But to “try” is weak. Was it Yoda who said: “There is either do or do not. There is no try.” At the very least, there are things you could be doing better, with more power and effect.

For example: when you meet a new person, perhaps socially, they may know someone who is the direct link to your next cool job. But you don’t know what to say to them. You lack confidence. Even if they ask about your work situation, what you end up saying is vague and uncertain. You stumble, stutter.

The response you want – desperately – is for the new contact to say, “Hey, that’s interesting, you know I have a friend who’s in your field, he’s in quite a senior position, you should go see him.”

But you’re not going to get it with “vague” and “uncertain.”

Let’s say the question to you from the new friend is, “so, what do you do?”

So here are some practical questions to help you answer effectively:

 1) Do you have a quick, hard hitting verbal introduction ready for these occasions?

2) Once you’ve prepared it, have you practiced it over and over so that it’s easy to say, comfortable, conversational? (Don’t learn it off-by-heart – put a few “ums” in there, make it natural.

3) Is it longer than 20 seconds? Try to get it in under 20. You’ll be amazed at what you can pack in.

4) Are you explaining in your statement the specific benefit you bring to an employer? (My intro – as a CV writer, a ‘guerrilla’ CV writer – starts out by saying: “I write CVs that get job hunters hired fast.”)

Okay, construct yours now. Be ready to network this way. Within my INNER CIRCLE – a special members only website where you can get very advanced guidance and coaching on all this sort of stuff – I have a dedicated section 3 pages long explaining how to formulate your best “quick, hard hitting” verbal introduction. And INNER CIRCLE members can send me theirs for me to assess it personally.

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