Stuck in a No Promotion, Fade-in-to-the-Background Job?

Sometimes you get stuck in your career or job. And it’s no-one’s fault. Yet.

Employers just want a job done | You just want a job.

To a point, that formula works.

But as life has a habit of showing one, ‘a job’ isn’t all you need: eventually also you need challenge, recognition, advancement, a feeling that you’re appreciated, that you’re making a difference.

And that’s something you’ve got to take charge of. Some – usually only very large – employers try helping you with that, but in the end, here’s the truth:

It’s all up to you. Actually.

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NOW, from here on, it’s your fault if you stay stuck in a no-promotion, fade-in-to-the-background job.



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Joan’s Tough Situation

Got this mail from a subscriber yesterday in response to my previous post about recruiting agencies and networking.

The question is … do you identify? And the next question is … what do you do about it?

It’s pretty important.

Hi Gerard

Thanks for your very interesting newsletter. You are quite right about the bad, extremely rotten service from the recruitments agencies.

I recently had to deal with a nineteen or twenty year old, whose mascara was smudged and whose nails are so long and she has to be careful not to poke her eye out while trying to get the mascara out of her eye. At the same time she is trying to read the CV in front of her and convinced me, who has held a senior position as Admin Manager in an international shipping company for nine years, that I needed to be tested for my typing skills. She refused to discuss the job until I had done a typing test and some other skills tests. I refused and walked out of the interview. They not only wasted my time and petrol but I have lost complete faith in them. Of the 24 jobs I responded to online, only 3 had the decency to get back with a “no thank you”.

One of the 3 that responded, had the audacity to say that since the job market was so bad, they would offer me the position – and only stated that it was a 1 year contract at the interview – at a reduced salary. Times being tough, I accepted the post, but am still on the lookout for something else.

My Reply:

Great reply Joan. Thanks for the story. Liked the typing test bit. Just shows how many of these companies work a formula – so that brains don’t much need to enter the picture on the part of their staff. It’s all about ticking boxes. Sad. But it highlights the importance of taking responsibility for one’s own ‘personal marketing campaign’. There’ll be a lot of that under discussion in the new forum – check it out.

Like your attitude – willing to accept a lesser post, but you’ve definitely not given up or resigned yourself to the lesser post. You’re still focussed on finding something better. My advice: use this position to build a ‘kick-butt’ reference, perform in kick-butt fashion, build your self-confidence by over-delivering. If you do that I predict an outstanding result from this temporary setback. All the best.

Don’t want to knock agencies too much, they serve a valuable purpose – just not to job hunters really. There are exceptions. But here’s the thing: “Joan” has had a temporary setback in her career. How will she respond? It’s easy for her to feel angry and allow the unfair situation to affect her performance at work negatively. A setback like this can be a real hole that’s difficult to dig yourself out of.

  • So how does she stay positive?
  • How does she go about working a serious plan to get her career back on track?
  • Where can she network with other job hunters who can refer her to a better, more professional agency/personnel consultant (they are out there somewhere)?
  • Where can she find some encouragement?
  • Where can she get some constructive feedback about her job hunt, her CV, her covering letters, etc?

There’s nowhere she can go. Until now. At there’ll be a whole lot of all of this going on. Exciting isn’t it. But it’s only for members. It launches on June 1. It’s going to set you back (at the pre-launch special tariff) just R30 pm. Go to now, print out the application form, complete it and fax/e-mail it back today.