Executive Agent

Perhaps what you need is an Executive Agent?

Looking for a better job or position – but just don’t have the time or energy to go through the conventional and frustrating and time consuming channels (employment agencies, websites, etc)?

Perhaps you need someone with the skill and experience to get you appointments with the right people – decision makers. Someone who’ll act boldly on your behalf, making the calls, writing the e-mails, dealing with the gatekeepers, and doing the initial presenting of your ‘business case’ – why the organization should talk to you, what benefits you’ll bring, why they should hire you.

Not a personnel agent. Not someone who just tries to match vacancies with CVs.

Rather – someone who’ll research the companies you want to work for, research who the decision makers are, what their likely needs are – and then make an approach – a sometimes audacious approach – on your behalf.

That’s what I do.

Companies are in a “war for talent” (McKinsey, 1997). So, it’s not just ‘vacancies’ they need to fill. They are always in the market for talented, gifted people. People who can make an immediate and measurable difference to their performance. And I’ve always found decision makers very amenable to talking to people – perhaps peolpe like you – who can do that. And it’s those kind of discussions that lead to great opportunities.

Interested in having me work on your case, representing you as your Executive Agent?

See if you meet the criteria here:

  • You earn R360 000 pa+
  • You know exactly the kind of role you’re perfect for
  • You are likely a respected specialist in your field
  • You have a good idea of the companies you’d like to work for
  • You have the credentials and measured achievements to prove your value
  • You are serious about making a change

If you answered “yes” to all these questions, contact me with the following:

  • Your CV and a contact number. I’ll be in touch. E-Mail: gerard [at] jobsearching.co.za

[There is no fee involved. On successful placement the employer pays a commission.]