First Time Job Searcher Workshop

Guerrilla Job Search Strategies for First Time Job Hunters

A step by step guide to winning in the job market – even when you have no experience

This workshop lasts 3 hours and includes practical, guerrilla-style guidance and advice to job searchers who’ve just completed school, university or college. It covers the following essential topics directed at new-comers to the job market:

  • Why Businesses Hire People and How to Make Sure You’re One of Them
    Understanding what factors come into play in an employers mind when making a decision to hire a new person, and how to position yourself to get favourable consideration right from the start.
  • Your Inventory of Skills, Knowledge and Character
    What do you actually have to offer? There are many, many things you may not have considered that employers actually want and look for, but seldom find. It’s important to know what you have and how to present them.
  • Constructing Your CV
    Do you stick to a traditional format – or are there more creative (and easy) ways to get a powerful, convincing message across? This section includes guidance on how to craft a “Personal Power Statement” which will convey energy, focus, professionalism and maturity. That’s all good right? CV samples will be provided and attendees leave with clear step-by-step directions on how to craft their own
  • Your Covering Letter
    A template will be provided and new, fresh powerful ideas on how to write a letter that gets straight to the point and wins interviews.
  • Job Hunting Methods
    Some methods are more effective than others. Fact. So where should job searchers be spending most of their time? What works? What doesn’t? And how do they go about it? All answers given.
  • Job Interviews
    Interviews can be a disaster. But follow the 3 principles provided in this section and job searchers will have put themselves in the best possible position to succeed.

Notes are provided, samples are given, templates are provided. And follow up is delivered via e-mail and 1 month’s free membership is given to the Career & Success community (where they can share ideas, get answers, access 1000’s of pages of career, motivational and job searching advice, network with other members, etc)

The presenter is me, Gerard le Roux, and I try to keep an upbeat, motivational atmosphere – encouraging attendees to take a ‘dare to excel’, be bold, be proactive, ‘make your own magic’ approach. Finding a first job is a challenge, so I can’t say, “come to the workshop and you’re guaranteed a job”, I wish! But at least a smart foundation will be laid by the workshop and then reinforced by the follow up program.

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