Job Search Lesson to Give You an Immediate Advantage

The truth is tough to take. And no-one needs a reminder, especially when job hunting, that it can be a tough old world! But try to hang on to the end of this article because grasping what you’ll learn here will put you ahead of at least 75% of your job search competition!

Have you ever watched IDOLS? Ever watched the initial rounds when every bath time singer with dreams arrives to get his/her big break? Ever felt a little sorry for the guy when the judges tell him

“get out and never touch a microphone again!”

Sure you do. But ever thought that maybe that person needs to hear that? Perhaps they have some other incredible talent that lies undiscovered because they keep going on with this singing dream which they really just don’t have the physical make up for. Once they move on, more in harmony with what they’re really naturally good at, then big things may start happening for them.

[Just a qualifier here – I DO support people chasing their dreams, energy, passion and persistence play a critical role in any success story – but we do have to also admit that sometimes we do have limitations. And there’s no shame in that – as long as we search for another passion to fulfill.]

Okay so what’s the lesson here?

The truth may hurt but if you listen it can lead you to great places.

And the job hunting lesson is this:

You need to know the truth of the job-market and work in ways that show you understand it. This way you’ll work smart, effectively, and get better results.

So …

  • TRUTH: The job-market is unfair. Some HR/Personnel people may know much about labour law, policies and procedures BUT little about people! Some recruiters are idiots – they wouldn’t know a quality person if they were introduced to one by the Queen of England. Some of these people sit in their little offices feeling very important, getting their little ‘power – trip’, making cock-eyed decisions that affect your life! (That’s it let it all out!)
  • TRUTH: Often you’re going to get rejected for a job you think you are the best candidate for. The ‘other’ person will be hired inexplicably. It will happen!
  • TRUTH: You will get bad service from agencies. Very few agencies or employers will ever bother to return your calls. Some will place false adverts. Some will lie to you about why you didn’t get the job.

Okay that’s enough truth!! Are you still with me?

But now you know the truth – you can work with it. You know what to expect. You have some clues as to how to spend our time and resources. The truth gives you clues to how you should go about an effective job hunt.

You know that relying on agencies will just get you frustrated and in reality seldom lead to a job. This doesn’t mean you don’t use them – it just means you understand that you shouldn’t put all your hopes for finding a job in their hands!

This helps because immediately you see the need to try other things. To be more entrepreneurial in your search. For instance write some great, confident, well researched covering letters, meet some new people, get a great new CV which really sells your skills, rethink your career and make sure you’re doing what you enjoy and are good at.

Did you know? Learning to write a brilliant sales letter for yourself is one of the most important skills you’ll ever learn. It can bash down doors for you – doors that no qualification could ever open. Buy a book. Do research online. Learn, practice, practice.

Instead of getting all depressed, losing heart, taking it all personally, raging about how much of a victim you are – it’s like water off a ducks back! You move on. You learn. You explore new ways of doing things. You realise that what you’re going through is teaching you skills that all those people around you who look so comfortably employed likely still have to learn – and their time WILL come!

So as hard as the truth is to take – it leads you toward the light. Accepting it is the first step to moving forward to a great result.

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