Why You Absolutely CAN Get Faster Job Search Results

You can, absolutely, get faster job search results.

You may be feeling like you’re in a dark place. And that nothing’s going your way. You’re sending out job applications, you’re answering adverts in the newspapers, you’re studying the openings in The Star Workplace, The Cape Times Career Times, online at Career Junction and PNet and at the many other employment, find job sites. And you may be hearing a deathly silence for all your efforts.

But here are just two things I’ve learned that may encourage you:

  1. The job market is a very unscientific place. What do I mean? Anything can happen. It’s unpredictable. There seem to be no hard and fast employment sector rules. Employment agencies and HR people will have you believe there are. Maybe in the little world they try to control. But not generally. The market isn’t just large companies with strict HR regulations – it’s very diverse and dynamic and full of inconsistencies.I’ve had high paying and highly paid clients who are CEO’s of R200m pa companies. And they have NO qualifications. I’ve had clients who have 4 degrees and 20 years experience unemployed. I’ve seen the best fail and the worst succeed.What does this mean for you? That the job market is more of a level playing field than you think. You can succeed in your job hunt even when it seems against all the odds.And here’s the second thing I’ve learned
  2. You can speed up your job search by playing a smart game. And very, very few people do. Mostly, when out to find a job, people take a terribly ‘safe’ approach, a terribly outdated and conservative one. There’s no boldness there. And they show NO – repeat – NO understanding of what it means to market themselves. Even sales people, advertising people seem to try to make themselves look like the perfect ‘average’.Yet there are simple things they can do, that YOU can do, to make employers take more notice; to send a more powerful message out about who you are and what you can deliver – a message that gets more response. And there are some truths about how you go about your job hunt, what methods you choose that can have an instant impact.In fact the approach that most job searchers take in their find a job process almost guarantees failure – a long drawn out job hunt that leads to the frustration and desperation so familiar.

So, why can you absolutely get faster job search results? 2 Reasons: because almost anything can happen – the job market is unpredictable and you can ‘work’ it by playing a smart game.

Make a study of information in the 8 steps outlined in the www.jobsearching.co.za Main Menu on the left here and you’ll go a long way to turning your luck around.