Is your job search frustrating you?

If you keep relying on personnel agents and job adverts as your main job search strategies you could well be in for a long, passive, demoralizing wait. But there are more effective job search methods. Job Search FAST TRACK – DYNAMITE for Job Hunters contains the core “guerrilla” job search tactics in one place, in detail, for you to use and apply across your job hunt.

What is Job Search FAST TRACK?

It’s a learning programme of instruction on the most effective and advanced job search methods and techniques – many of which you will never have heard of and probably never used.

If you’re getting no joy with agencies and adverts, then FAST TRACK is going to teach you you can do without them – and get better, quicker results. Guaranteed (and when I say “guaranteed” I mean it.)

What Does “Guerrilla” Mean?

It’s a military term and it means using smarter, streetwise and more effective tactics – usually by the smaller and weaker against the stronger. Using clever, hard hitting tactics to get what you want.

So, in your job hunt, isn’t it perhaps time to abandon the old ‘traditional’ and ‘conventional’ job search methods you’ve been using, or at least start doing them smarter?

You can keep on doing job hunting ‘things’ the same old way, with the same old results … or you can decide to be bolder and more creative. And with me guiding you, you’re going to find it easy and fun.

Where do You Get It?

It’s available ONLY via my exclusive Career & Success INNER CIRCLE.

The INNER CIRCLE is a serious online community of people dedicated to succeeding in their careers, jobs and life. And only they have access to the kind of ideas and methods that could easily lead to you having …

“5 interviews next week, 5 the following week and multiple job offers at higher pay”

As a member of the INNER CIRCLE you get:

  • An 11 step “Get a Job Fast: 2011” strategy I’ll coach you through my ‘fast start’ job search strategy. If you need a job and nothing’s working for you, then this is what you need. It’s your guide to the FAST TRACK programme ahead.
  • “12 Job Search Secrets – End Your Stalled and Frustrating Job Search Now.” It’s a course that contains key principles to form the firm, effective foundation for your job hunt.
  • “6 Secrets to Staying Strong When You Face the Job Hunting Fire” This guide will help you get and remain strong and confident despite the draining effects of a job hunt.
  • The full “Job Search FAST TRACK – DYNAMITE for Job Hunters” Guide This is the core of the programme and contains the guerrilla tactics that will result in multiple job interviews and multiple job offers. Guaranteed.

Here’s what some have said:

“You want to best job? You want to get your head in the right space to get that job? You want to get rid of your fears and demonstrate that you are the best person for the job? Gerard demonstrates his in-depth understanding of the human psyche in his candid yet sensitive approach to the daunting task of finding a new job. You can trust Gerard’s advice – his is a master in his field”
– Wim G

“Just signed and sealed my new job. After a year of struggling I followed Gerard’s strategy and landed an awesome position. I went in to the interview with all that he had told me and cracked it. He sure knows what he is doing.”
-Hayden C

“Your manual kept me focused and moving forward and gave me an anchor through the job searching time. For that I will be eternally grateful. I have sent the link to many other job hunters, Church support groups etc because it helped me such a lot. Thanks Gerard.”
-Dr B C

“Gerard’s approach is much more than just a strategy and new approach. It is a life changing event which has the potential to lead to a whole new world.”
-Nada O

But the Job Search FAST TRACK – DYNAMITE for Job Hunters programme is not all you get as an INNER CIRCLE member.

You ALSO get:

  • “Break-YOU-Out: 2011” An 8 point guide with support materials designed to get you feeling more excited and motivated in your work and life. The plan I’ll be teaching you is based on a 30 year old guidebook. In the words of one student: “by following the step by step process I have reached goals in my life that I had thought were impossible.”
  • A 10 point “Get Ahead at Work: 2011″ strategy You’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it in order to build your ‘brand’ at work, showcase your value, get the best out of your team and get on with your superiors, so that you become more ‘in demand’ than you’ve ever been.

There’s even MORE:

  • Free copies of some of the leading and best selling self–improvement literature ever published (digital copies, pdf format):
    Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
    You Were Born Rich – Bob Proctor
    The Art of Money Getting – PT Barnum
    How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie
    Notes from a Friend – Anthony Robbins
    As a Man Thinketh – James Allen
    Wishcraft, how to get what you really want – Barbara Sher
    The Power of Concentration – Theron Q Dumont
    … plus many more.

And finally you get … a subscription to the Career & Success coaching program. It means you’ll have daily prods and pointers directing you to the methods, ideas, inspiration and practices that lead inevitably to success in your job and life.*

I use videos, audio, text, pictures to teach, and I draw lessons from daily life, from experts in the field of job hunting, careers, business, health and wellness, goal setting, motivation and achievement.

[* This coaching program is actually the ‘secret key’ to the entire INNER CIRCLE. Starting something is easy. It’s the keeping it going that’s incredibly hard. It’s the stopping that’s the problem, the not seeing it through.

So my ‘like clockwork’ following up with you demands that you keep yourself on track or get back on track and continue to where you want to go.]

Membership to the INNER CIRCLE is R500.

If it doesn’t help you get the results you’re looking for (and you’ve put in reasonable effort) within 90 days I’ll give you your money back.

For more info and the order form click here. Or just e-mail me for more info: gerard [at]