Personal Job Search Coaching

Your job search and you are unique. Your career with all its ups and downs, ins and outs makes your situation one of a kind. So, how do you tackle your job hunt, what approach do you take – because you’re not the same as everyone else? Right?

Get my dedicated personal help – via phone or Skype and e-mail. Around the framework of my ‘guerrilla’ job search philosophy I’ll help you see what principles you can apply to your situation, and how.

The process works like this:

  • You send me your CV, job ads you’re applying for, and some background info.
  • I read through it and come up with some ideas and draft some probing questions.
  • We have a ½ an hour discussion which ends up with you having a 3 point strategy for moving forward and some supporting information to guide you.
  • We have two 15 minute follow up’s.

And you get access to the Job Search FAST TRACK program material where you also get ongoing support in the exclusive FT forums.

The once off fee is R475.00. Send me an e-mail if interested – with your CV and a description of what jobs you’re chasing (what job titles, what industry, for eg) to get things started gerard [at] I’ll get back to you asap and we can get your questions answered.