Go Forward Confidently by Looking Back – an Exercise

If you’re feeling jaded, washed out in your job and career – y’know, you feel like you have no idea what your career interests are, you’re not excited by what you’re doing anymore (maybe you never were!) – then you may find the following exercise helpful.

You can spend an hour on it or a day – either way you’ll benefit.

You’ll feel more directed, more enthusiastic – as though you’ve taken back the initiative in your search for a meaningful career/job. And to top it all you will be embarking on a process, which more often than not, gets people great jobs.

It’s really simple.

Find a relaxing spot. On a park bench. On the beach. A coffee shop (easy so far, huh?) Go somewhere alone and give yourself some time (it’s getting tougher!) Take a note pad. Find answers to the following questions.

  • Looking back at my career so far what am I really proud of?
  • What am I sure I can do very well?
  • What am I sure I could do very well if given the chance and why?
  • When did I last really enjoy my work?
  • What were the contributing factors?
  • What qualities do I have which an employer would value?
  • How do I know I’ve made a difference before?

Also, you may want to use the following method of ‘digging’ down into who you are and where – what direction – you ideally want to be going in in your job or career. First think of some of your proud moments (identified above), times when you “did good”. Then use the “P-A-R” methdology to get a clearer picture of those events and why you did well.

  • P – identify PROBLEMS you’ve faced – challenges, tasks – at work
  • A – what ACTION have you taken – how have you planned for and approached the challenge, and what specific actions have you taken in order to resolve the problem or achieve the desired result?
  • R – what RESULTs have you achieved?

The purpose of these questions is that the answers will give you confidence and a sense of value. If you keep reminding yourself of your value and past successes (no matter how small or personal) you’ll keep yourself fuelled up and likely get a renewed sense of what you really love to do and why.

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