It’s NO Luxury to Do What You Love

Do you have the belief that it’s a luxury to do what you love in your career and work?

Maybe, but consider this:

It’s alarming how decisions that one made at school, or soon after, can affect one’s course of life. At that young and usually immature age, decisions about a career need to be made. These decisions always have an effect on one’s future employability. They may even be the reason why YOU are currently looking for another job.

Just think of the change in priorities between an 18 year old and a 28 or 38 year old. And yet as a 38 year old with kids and a bond/mortgage etc. one is often forced to live with an ill-informed career decision – one made at a hormone-frenzied, pimply 18!

So? Two crucial things …

1) It’s easier to find a job you love that one you don’t.

According to Nick Williams in one of his books “The Work We Were Born To Do” a study conducted by Stanford University into what creates success showed that only 14% of success was attributable to technical skills, abilities and qualifications. The remaining 86% resulted from attitude, intention and a sense of purpose. “In short” he concludes “the spirit in which the work was done was the greatest factor in success”.

Searching for a job that captures your interest, makes your juices flow, gets you excited will deeply affect your attitude, enthusiasm and commitment. You’ll put better quality effort into your search AND employers will be more impressed when they sense your ‘spirit’ – therefore more likely to give you a chance.

2) Life is too short!

Make a change – it’s often just a case of proper planning (although it may also have a scary, daunting side). If you’re miserable and feel ‘stuck’ in a bland, boring, dull job that threatens to squeeze the life out of you – do yourself and everybody around you a favour – get help to assess where your real passions lie (or if you have none take the time to get some!), how you ideally would like to work and where. Then do what you have to do to reach that goal. Do something today!

Another great quote from Nick Williams:

If you think that doing what you want in today’s economic climate is a mad idea, imagine describing life on earth to an alien. “Yes, well the way we do things here on earth is that we are born with tremendous gifts and God-given talents and incredible potential. We are born with a full and open heart, and the power to create lives as artists create their art. But what we do is ignore all that and teach people how to get jobs that they don’t particularly enjoy for the rest of their lives, so they can earn little bits of coloured paper and coins.”

So, is it a luxury to pursue what you love. NO! In fact it may help you survive!

What work would you love to do? Including it in your range of career options may well open some doors you never considered before.

Take a few moments over coffee – make some observations:

  • Am I doing what I love?
  • Does my current job/profession excite me?
  • Or what COULD I get interested in?
  • What have I always wanted to do or explore?
  • If money was not an issue, where would I like to be work-wise?

Just a few thoughts to get your mind thinking on the right track. What do you find yourself getting excited about. Forget the obstacles for now, switch off your mind to all the “I can’t do that” thoughts that will quickly creep in. Just spend some time focussing on what you think you’d love to do.