Some Recent – and Helpful – Job Search Related Articles and Links

Here are some job search, CV and job application cover letter ideas for you.

Cover Letter for Job Application:

Some quick ideas on how to write a powerful job application cover letter. And a template.

Example of a CV that Makes an Impact:

Some guidelines, some samples to help you. Of course, remember that this is just a generic example & ideas. When I write your CV it gets highly personal! And therefore much more powerful in distinguishing you, helping you to get more job interviews, more job offers, more often.

Where To Find Jobs:

There are many places, some work, some don’t. Be aware! You could be wasting your time and losing hope as a result. On the other hand you could follow these ideas to get to what works in the job market more quickly.

If You’re Looking for Someone to Write Your CV – Here’s What to Look For

Don’t engage a CV writing service until you’ve read these guidelines.

Writing an ‘Instant-Hit’ CV

Forget all you’ve been told about a CV. THESE are the principles to follow.

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