»1 Start Here (or Else!)

In your job search there are some success secrets that can make an immediate and quantum difference. They are factors that will make YOU succeed when everyone else is struggling.

I’m not exaggerating ok? And the thing is they’re easy job search strategies to put to work.

You can do them, now matter who you are. Even if you have little experience, or are facing other big obstacles in the job market like you’re over 50, or you don’t have a certain qualification – these ideas will help you overcome them.

So what I’m saying is:

Pay attention here. Start here … or else! This info, these job hunting, career, find a job and employment principles must be your foundation. If they are you’ll bet better, quicker results. Guaranteed.”

Build Your Platform for Job Search Success

Hey, no matter what career you’re in or want to be in you need some sort of foundation. Like what?? Yep, in varying amounts you need some of the following to get an employer to say the magic words, “You’re hired.”

  • A platform of knowledge
  • Skills
  • Ability
  • Experience
  • Qualification
  • Training

Now, when tackling a job search – whether for the first time, or tenth time – you need those things … BUT … if you’re gonna be smart – a guerrilla job hunter – and you want better, quicker results, then there are some other ‘never mentioned’ factors that you need to put in play.

Secret ‘Find a Job’ Success Factors

The thing is this: these factors have less to do with job hunting – y’know, cv’s, cover letters, job interviews, how to answer tough interview questions etc – and more to do with YOU. Your attitude … your mental state … your understanding of what a job is … your physical condition even … your ability to persist … your ability to sell etc.

  • Your cv could be great … but then you may have an attitude like the world owes you a favour – a mistake, a turn off
  • You could have all the answers to tough interview questions … but then you have one rejection and you crumble and fall apart
  • You may have great experience … but you’re out of shape, unhealthy and low on self esteem, and perhaps it sends the message that you’re battling to hold your life together (not a great message to send an employer!)

So you get the point right? You’ve got to start with YOU. YOU are your platform or foundation. You’ve got to make it strong, resilient. And you’ve got to make it smart.

Read on in the pages listed below for more specific guidance on these issues.

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