»8 Staying Mentally Strong

I had a revealing telephone conversation recently with someone wanting to make quite a drastic (although entirely possible) career change. She claimed to have tried everything in the last year – with no success. She claimed to know exactly how potential employers think and exactly how they would respond if she approached them. She had all the answers and all of them negative! “If I try this they’ll say no”, “If I try that they’ll say never” etc etc.

It took 20 minutes to get her to accept that all this negativity was mostly in her head. In reality she hadn’t spoken to even one employer and yet she claimed to know their mind!

The diagnosis?

A negative mental outlook is debilitating her job-search. It is shutting down options even before she’s tried them. She’s blaming the ‘system’, the job-market, politicians, the economy, affirmative action etc – but deep down perhaps she is just scared, lacks confidence, or fears rejection.

There’s certainly a bit of her in all of us! Certainly me.

The remedy? A positive mental outlook. We need to do something everyday that energizes us. Something that invigorates, refreshes and makes us feel that we can succeed and that we are valuable people.

This could be quite a number of things/activities.

For me exercise, eating right, and getting enough sleep is critical. While I exercise I try to focus my thinking on things which make me feel that life is worth living. A tree, a flower, the wind in my face, the mountain, people I love, things I am grateful for, exciting future prospects, my own good qualities and accomplishments.

I cannot tell you what a difference being healthy and fit make to my effectiveness and the feeling of energy these things give me every day. But there are many, many periods in my life where I’ve forgotten all about this. To my cost.

Try to find something that makes a difference for you. You’ll find yourself looking at life more optimistically. You’ll have a more positive, confident feeling. And things are bound to start going your way! You’ll start attracting success – not magically but just because you’re not saying no before you’ve even tried.

Okay, so here are some things to consider:

Start reading up on health. Make it a mission. Start here for example: www.keepwell.com – it’s actually a book loaded on the website titled, “No More Illness” and it contains some excellent articles and ideas on getting and keeping healthy the natural way. Also read stuff by Patrick Holford. I’ve always avoided following a set programme though. I don’t like that approach. I take the principles and kinda do what works for me. But you may, so go with what works for you.

And here’s a link to an article on exercise – providing some options for ‘hectic’ exercises you can do at home – exercises that will ‘waste’ you in just 15 minutes. Of course you can take an easier, more gentle approach – doesn’t have to leave you ‘wasted’. I just enjoy that feeling of being jelly-legged. The link: http://koreantaekwondo.tripod.com/articles/exercises.htm

Warning! Don’t get too radical too fast on the exercise thing. But on the food side – do the opposite. Just go for it. Go out now, buy healthy food. Vegetables, fruit, legumes (lentils, chick peas, beans, etc), cut back on meat, cut out sugary foods, cut out processed stuff. Do an internet search for vegetarian recipes – check out www.drweil.com, subscribe to some of his newsletters. Try out at least one new recipe every week.

The time has come. Do it. And see the difference in your energy and vitality – and your increased ability to take your battle to the job market and push through to success!

More Ideas on How to Stay Job Search Fit

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