It’s Not About YOU!

Remember this throughout your career:

Getting a job is not about you.

No employer gives one bit what you’re interested in! No employer gives a damn what marks you got in your exams!

An employer (if he is going to be one for any length of time) is only interested in one thing:

creating and keeping customers, getting and keeping money!

The only reason an employer hires someone is because that person can either:

  • help him/her get customers or
  • provide a valuable service to the customers – thereby keeping them

SO no matter what one’s field of interest/study the big questions are:

  • How does my knowledge/skill (whatever assets I have) help the prospective employer get customers/money?
  • How does my knowledge/skill (whatever assets I have) provide value to a prospective employers customers/money?

If you can’t figure out the answers to these questions – get some help. Talk to some people. Read some books. Think. Put yourself into the employers shoes for a minute! How are you going to improve his world?

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