The Worst Ways to Look for a Job

The 5 worst (least effective) ways to look for a job (according to What Color is Your Parachute):

  • The Internet – In the USA only 4% of job hunters who use the internet find a job that way. In IT it’s a bit higher – 10% – but for other jobs as low as 1% or not at all. The internet has not yet lived up to it’s potential for job-hunters. Use it but don’t expect much.
  • Mailing out CV’s at random – Actually according to stats this is more successful than the Internet but still only a 7% success rate for those that use this method. Some studies show a failure rate of 99.94% or 1 success out of 1500 CV’s sent out. Would you get on a plane if you knew that only 1 out of 1500 made it?
  • Advertisements in professional or trade journals – About the same as above.
  • Local newspaper ads – Success rate is between 5 and 24%. The reason for the variation is that success decreases with rise in salary level.
  • Employment agencies -Success rate is between 5 and 28%. Reason for variation is the same as above.

Interesting. Should this information influence HOW you go about looking for work? Only if you want a better, faster and successful job search.